Add Flavour to Your Online Presence

You’ve launched your company’s social media profile, be it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, or any other network out there. The followers have started coming in, commenting and liking what you post. But then, things start moving slowly and your profiles get less attention. You know what would be good right now? A penguin on roller-skates!

No, we’re not kidding. A bit of imagination goes a long way if it is used well. The key to keep people coming in and making sure they stay is to be creative.

So how do you stay off the rotten tomato list? Keep things fresh! Use our fresh TOMATO tips!

T – Trendy
Keep an eye out for the latest trends. You might find some very interesting ways in which you can tie them to your social media content.

O – Original
Even if the inspiration comes from elsewhere, you can always add a personal touch to it in a way that makes it relevant to your company and your audience.

M – Mindful
Be mindful of your audience. When addressing a vast and diverse audience, it is inevitable that certain topics might be regarded as sensitive or offensive to one or more groups. Being mindful helps to create interesting content while avoiding points that could have unwanted repercussions.

A – Attractive
Design, typography, good writing, and interesting pictures can do wonders to stop “newsfeed-scrollers” in their tracks, keeping them from continuing to scroll down. Throwing in something like a meme every now and then might also be a good idea. The main thing is that your social media content is attractive.

T – Traction
With every message you post look at how you can provide traction: giving your online material the kind of longevity that makes people want to share it with their friends. (This is where that penguin on roller-skates does a pirouette!)

O – Official
Creativity is awesome. But remember that a company’s social media profile remains official. No matter how creative a post, it cannot undermine or harm the image of the company. So “dirty jokes” are a definite no no as are posts that contain offensive language or trivialise things a little too much. You get the picture.

We hope this article was useful. Go ahead and keep adding flavour to your social media profile. Your “cooking” is guaranteed to produce amazing (and unexpected) results!

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