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Your Annual Report’s Readers

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How does your company’s annual report make stakeholders feel? Is it full of nasty surprises? Does it send readers to sleep? Is it all fluff and no substance? Or is it clear, concise and comprehensive?

Sense and Sustainability: GRI, SDGs and Everything-in-Between

Here’s the second article in our introductory series on sustainability and the corporate world. In the first article we provided a comprehensive definition of sustainability and what it means today.

Mismatched Mediums #8

Smart people make smart communication choices. Have you chosen the right medium for your annual report?

Lights! Camera! Go Viral?

This article is a continuation of our three-part series on video ideas for B2B companies. In the last blog post, we provided a brief overview into how this invaluable medium can be best utilised to drive web traffic and boost your reputation amongst your Internet competition. In this blog post, we will look at some case studies of companies that have and have not utilised their video potential to the fullest.

Sense and Sustainability: The Basics

In this five part series on sustainability, we will explore what it means to be sustainable in the twenty-first century, why it has become such a hot topic issue, and what the implications are for all things sustainability going forward.

Mismatched Mediums #7

To help stakeholders see where your company is heading use the correct medium for your annual report.

Superheroes and Thought Leadership

Primarily born from the pages of comic books, superheroes have gained blockbuster stardom. From Iron Man to Spiderman and Batman to Wonder Woman, superheroes are widely discussed, admired and imitated. While a few readers and viewers find the genre unappealing, others fall deeper and deeper in love with characters, following the release of each new film.

Mismatched Mediums #6

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Any brush will do? Nope. The same is true for the medium of your annual report.

Ingeniously Spun: Managing a Company’s Facebook Page

Countless negative connotations are associated with spiders’ webs that are linked to its infamous occupants. Yet for a moment let’s take our minds away from the leggy, hairy occupants of a spider’s web and focus on their genius creation; spider silk.

Mismatched Mediums #5

To serve your stakeholders well, choose the medium of your annual report with care.