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Baking the perfect e-book: The Marketing Process

The baking is complete, the strawberry topping appealingly smeared, and the chocolate cake begs to be eaten. The consumption of a chocolate cake always calls for a celebration. It could be an intimate party but in the case of our special chocolate cake, we chose to have a Hollywood-style picnic!

Similarly, for your e-book which has been written, edited and laid out, it’s time to organise a launch party. Certainly, marketing your e-book is a tough task which will require diligence and the commitment of your company, long before and subsequent to its launch. There are many recipes for success, but as always we would recommend mixing and matching depending on your content and unique audience.

An alluring invitation
Writers of e-books are always advised to think like publishers. Be earnest when designing your cover and choosing a catchy title. In the case of designing a cover, it’s always best to seek expert advice. But make sure your cover and title strike the right balance between being intriguing and explicit. The most creative e-book covers are similar to interesting invitations – you might know what is being celebrated but there is also an element of mystery.

Create hype
If you are organising the most extravagant party in town, you wouldn’t simply rely on word-of- mouth to get the news across. Rather, you would explore and exploit all opportunities to create hype through social media. In the days prior to the launch, connect with your company’s followers on the networking sites of your choice by giving them the opportunity to choose the cover or title they prefer the most. You could also start a fresh facebook page to share updates on the status of the e-book. Long after the launch of the e-book, the facebook page must be kept alive. Most importantly, make use of your company blog to discuss extracts from your book and start stimulating conversations.

Give freely
The long awaited day finally arrives and your e-book is delightfully warm. The best strategy to adopt at this stage is to allow readers to download the book free of charge, without requiring them to register. This will create a pool of eager readers and reviewers. Give freely at the start and keep in mind that if the narrative of your e-book focuses on a new product or service, generosity is the way to go. After all, at a Hollywood-style picnic, chocolate cake is always free.

Keep it alive
Your efforts shouldn’t end after the launch of your e-book. Instead, you should discuss your book on social media sites with constantly renewed interest. At this stage, it is essential that your book is reviewed. To gain the trust of other writers in your field, it’s important to review their work as well. Soon, you will find reviews streaming in. Another easy way to attract readers and gain reviews is by putting up your e-book on Goodreads. If you are ready to launch your first e-book, remember that the success of your future publications depends largely on the popularity you gain now. So, keep the party alive!

The process of baking a chocolate cake and writing an e-book are not as easy as you would presume. As we discovered it requires that you pay attention to detail, edit meticulously and promote fearlessly. But for corporates, e-books have proved to be an effective mode of communication. So, it’s safe to say that the future belongs to e-books and chocolate cake, of course.

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