Creating ‘classics’: Video Ideas for B2B Companies

Remember the last time you thought life was too short to read the endless list of books on your wish list? Now imagine you were told that it would take you 5 million years to watch all the video content that will cross global IP networks each month in 2020? That’s certainly a stupendous amount but just as all books are not classics, the same applies to videos.

Did you also know that almost 70% of all consumer internet traffic is generated by video content? That’s definitely a good enough reason to peek into the countless windows of available options.

Take control of your story

Social media thrives on authenticity. This is why we strongly suggest that you tell your story, in your own words using the skills of those around you. David Meerman Scott in the fifth edition of “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” also stresses the importance of narrating the journey of the company highlighting both the highs and lows. This gives credibility to the human element of your business.

Encourage storytelling
There are also campaigns that go viral when you allow your stakeholders to do the talking. A great way to test the waters with your first foray into video storytelling is to interview stakeholders on their experience with your company. Ensure that these videos are authentic by insisting that interviewees speak from the heart and do not read out or memorise lines. Have a healthy dose of good and not so good comments so that the narrative is believable. Not so good comments could include instances where your company made a mistake but then took quick action to rectify it to a customer’s satisfaction.

Address current issues
Preceding Women’s Day this year United Colours of Benetton released a potent video which focused on giving women ‘choice’ in every phase and aspect of their lives. The theme seems to have been a favourite among companies all over the world, indicating that it is crucial that companies have a standpoint on trending topics regardless of whether they are a B2B or B2C company. Sustainability is another topic that concerns most businesses today and a video that focuses on the betterment of the environment, economy and its people, helps create a lasting impression of your brand in the minds of stakeholders.

Have fun
So far, we discussed videos that will require significant budgetary allocations followed by impressive productions. But it is also useful to consider fun yet informative options. Today companies also experiment with deceptively simple options such as parodies, whiteboard and behind-the-scenes videos. A parody is entertaining but could also function as a way of strategic messaging. Watching a whiteboard video could be as informative as a tutorial and is a great way of exercising succinct messaging. On the other hand, a behind-the-scenes video will highlight your company’s work ethic. Creating a video of this kind would not require much time and energy, so the next time your company engages in a fun yet creative project, keep that video rolling!

Creating that classic video is often just an experiment that worked – a story that took you by surprise and went viral. So keep it real, experiment and create.

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