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Ingeniously Spun: Managing a Company’s Facebook Page

Countless negative connotations are associated with spiders’ webs that are linked to its infamous occupants. Yet for a moment let’s take our minds away from the leggy, hairy occupants of a spider’s web and focus on their genius creation; spider silk. Despite popular claims it was discovered that spider silk is not in fact stronger than steel. Yet it cannot be recreated because the production of the dense and strong substance is in-built. While scientists and innovators contemplate ways of biomimicry, we find that both the silk and web gives us a sense of direction when managing a company’s Facebook page.

Ready to spin an indestructible web? Consider these tips from the master spinners.

Determine the Density
Your content marketing strategy undoubtedly incorporates both fat and thin content. Yet, on Facebook it is essential that you share content intelligently. While it’s important to share a lengthy blog post occasionally, remember that a healthy mix is crucial for gaining visibility. Followers peruse Facebook when they are taking a break from work, so don’t inundate them with mind-boggling content. Instead create an impression visually! At times your web would be dense and at moments thin – a spin that assures success.

Share Knowledge
Spiderweb designs have evolved over time depending on domain and prey. In the case of spiders, spinning a web is an instinctual survival response – knowledge that has been passed down through evolutionary processes. But sharing and engaging with the content shared on the pages of other companies within your domain doesn’t happen instinctively. However active and intelligent engagement should become a habitual response when managing your company’s Facebook page. The conversations that blossom from these interactions will enable long-lasting connections and fruitful communication.

Respond Tirelessly
In a world dominated by social media it’s widely acknowledged that a company’s reputation depends significantly on response time and the quality of the response. So, make sure to respond promptly and cleverly to the suggestions and qualms of your followers. Even a thank you or smiley face can go a long way.

If you have ever been in a meditative mood and considered watching a spider at work, you would have noticed that every time its web is damaged the spider starts spinning and mending tirelessly. Responses on your company’s Facebook page should be generated and publicized in an equally diligent manner.

Spun Engagingly
We have all had the experience of walking into a spider web or finding the sticky substance annoyingly stuck onto our hair. But very few of us have spent time admiring the creations from afar. Well it certainly is impeccably presented. If you are to attract the attention of your followers it is important to have attention grabbing headlines. Posing engaging questions is a brilliant way of doing this.

Despite popular associations, we must disassociate morbidity from spider silk or webs, because as you’ve just discovered it provides motivation and inspiration. Managing a company’s Facebook page is only one way it can inspire, maybe you can add to the list.

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