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Lights! Camera! Go Viral?

This article is a continuation of our three-part series on video ideas for B2B companies. In the last blog post, we provided a brief overview into how this invaluable medium can be best utilised to drive web traffic and boost your reputation amongst your Internet competition. In this blog post, we will look at some case studies of companies that have and have not utilised their video potential to the fullest.

A Touch of Music Helps!
For Virgin America, the sky is the limit! In such a way did this creative team produce an engaging advert that utilised a highly-choreographed musical sequence to present the company’s in-flight safety video. The video featured a plethora of cameos, including beat-boxers and a singing nun! Such was the popularity of this video, that it raked up an impressive 12 million plus views on YouTube alone! Now this is engagement done right! The takeaway from this is that music is a powerful tool, and should be a focal point of any video experience.

Appreciate not Appropriate
And then on the other side of the coin, you have Pepsi, or rather the infamous Pepsi advert that rendered a certain reality TV star and model a household name. As brilliantly spoofed by this Saturday Night Live skit, this is a prime example of corporate insouciance or callousness even. A clumsily put-together video advert sees Kendall Jenner, a privileged socialite and model of the Instagram generation, address a mob of dis-organised and (seemingly innocuous protesters) while she calms the irate law enforcement with the promise of sugared water. The whole delightful moment is captured by her inter-racial friend on film, who is wearing an appropriate headscarf. This short clip would draw the wrath of the Internet. For Jenner was appropriating a black woman of the Black Lives Matter movement, who upon being confronted by police, peacefully offered her hands in the offer of quiet discussion. Instead, she is brutally dragged away.

Live By your Words
The Super Bowl half-time show in America is notorious for the high prices it charges for an advert during this lucrative spot. A few second clip can go into the millions of dollars in bidding wars. For this football season, the focus was on the recently-conducted Presidential election and inauguration. In a fitting display of solidarity, Coca Cola, Airbnb, and Heineken produced moving advertisements that resonated across societies and cultures. Coca Cola depicted a beautiful rendition of ‘America the Beautiful’ sung in a multitude of languages, whilst Airbnb addressed its commitment to multiculturalism, inclusiveness and social justice with a simple and powerful video that simply said, ‘We Accept’. As for Budweiser, it brought the American dream back into focus with a fictional retelling of the struggle the German brewer had to face when he emigrated to America in search of a better life.

Now these three companies are another prime example of engagement done right. In this day and age, as one commentator made clear, our very life is a political act. Companies need to take a long and hard look at themselves if they think that they can exist outside of a political bubble. All our actions have ramifications on society; for better or for worse. By working diligently towards addressing these issues, we can work towards building a better, and more compassionate society for all individuals. And that will be virality done right.

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