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A Minimalistic Approach: The Art of Using Hashtags on Facebook

Minimalism, first associated with a form of artistic expression in the ‘60s has had a penetrating influence on lifestyles, typography and even fashion. Yet, social media is known for creating the opposite effect as we are bombarded with a profusion of likes, comments and hashtags. With regard to the use of hashtags on Facebook, the recurrent question has been, to use or not to use? To which our response is to adopt a minimalistic approach.


A Ghostly Business: Working with a Ghostwriter

In the days of old, ghostwriters wore a cloak of invisibility, but in 1921 this writing practice was given a name. Christy Walsh the founder of the Christy Walsh Syndicate coined the term ‘ghostwriting’ as he discovered a wealth of stories among the lives of sports legends in the US. During this period, professional ghostwriters were assigned the arduous task of writing autobiographies of prominent personalities.


Mismatched Mediums #1

Presenting an Annual Report in an unsuitable medium is similar to asking someone to eat soup with a fork.


Baking The Perfect E-Book: The Preparatory Process

Baking the perfect chocolate cake is somewhat like constructing a bestselling e-book, it is the best way to pique the interest of readers hungry for good content. But while stress is laid on the finished product very few concentrate on the preparatory process. As observed by many, the publication of an e-book should be an integral part of a company’s content marketing strategy but before jumping into a thick and murky batter, it is best to be prepared.


The Seven Blind Men and the Annual Report

The story of the seven blind men goes like this. Once upon a time, a group of visually-impaired gentlemen realised, after much consternation, that they had no inkling of what an elephant looked like. After much debating, they agreed to individually set off, find an elephant, feel it by touch, and to come back and (annual) report on their results.


Flipping Pancakes: Three Things that Can Go Wrong on Social Media Sites

Ever flipped a pancake and had it land anywhere but in the pan? Hopefully this was the exception rather than the norm, but the same can be true of your venture into social media. No matter how well prepared you may be, there’s always the chance of a mishap. Knowing what can go wrong can save you from a lot of trouble. Here are three of the main problems that you might encounter when using social media and what you can do to mitigate the risk:


Edits: The Bane of Every Writer?

The muse strikes. You are inspired. You gamble your time (and time of course is money) on an idea. Then, oodles of blood, sweat and tears later… it is finally done. A masterpiece! Or is it?


Uses of an Annual Report #8

If your Annual Report is best suited to transform a regular chair into the perfect baby chair, you might have to re-think your strategy.


Geared for Change: Tackling Growth in the PR Industry

Today, we are witness to revolutionary changes in communication methods. Developments in social media are changing the way companies do business and will be felt by those in the PR industry and those in communication departments the world over. But are you ready to meet these changes?


Brave New World: Design in Annual Reports

The world of the printed annual report is a strange place. It is so dwarfed by the world of the novel that few people notice it. But it is unique and certainly exotic enough to warrant a visit – especially from a designer’s perspective.