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What is your Communications Personality? Take the Quiz!

Every corporate communicator has their own unique way of telling the story of their business. Is there one best way? Perhaps not, but by identifying your own communications personality you’ll be able to recognise your strengths and areas for improvement. So go on, take the quiz. You know you want to.


Uses of an Annual Report #6

If your Annual Report has inexplicably replaced the 5kg weight on the scale of your neighbourhood fishmonger you might have to re-think your strategy.


Usher in the Trojan Horse: Storytelling as a Strategic Tool for Business

The use of the term Trojan Horse to describe storytelling may at first seem puzzling. If you are familiar with Greek history you may recall the term’s sinister origins. If you are familiar with computers you would think of the very destructive computer virus named after this device. Either way, the term brings with it a sense of foreboding even when the intent of the story is far from harmful.


Uses of an Annual Report #5

If your Annual Report is mainly used as an indispensable step ladder, you might have to re-think your strategy.


Silence that Copy-Cat Urge

It is in the middle of your article formulation stage, you are running out of time and ideas. Suddenly eye candy in the form of an extremely creative idea stares right back at you from a web page. Your conscience and opinions are hushed. The temptation is too great, you include it in your article. But could that land you in trouble since it belongs to someone else? It most certainly could! However with the proper protocols you could always borrow with permission. Here are five tips to keep out of trouble!


Time to Talk: Writing an Interview Blog

We all love a good story, and better yet one that is true. Flipping through the pages of ‘Forbes’ or ‘Entrepreneur’, your sole aim could be to read the cover story, an interview with the business personality of the month. Even if you simply skim through the interview you will be motivated to start your day (it is almost as good as a mug of coffee).


‘Nip it in the Butt’: The Importance of Proofreading

In 2006, the Italian airline Alitalia lost a whopping $7 million or so when they advertised a business-class flight from Toronto to Cyprus as $39 instead of $3,900. When the mistake was eventually spotted, 2,000 tickets had been sold at that rate and the airline was forced to honour the price.


Uses of an Annual Report #4

If your Annual Report comes in handy only on the rare occasions you puncture your tire, you might have to re-think your strategy.


Five Tips to Maintain An In-disposable Newsletter

Sustaining any form of internal or external communication in a company is a challenge whether it is through a blog, podcast or newsletter. Companies that dare to publish newsletters (whether printed or digital) know that hours of thought go into maintaining consistency in content, structure and style.


Capture & Share for B2B Purposes : A Starter’s Guide

More than once in a lifetime you come across powerful images that stay with you forever. It could be an embarrassing family photograph or one as profound as The ‘Migrant Mother’ captured in Depression-era America. Images evoke emotions and spark conversations and debates. They can define an era or – especially on social media – they can define a business.