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Capture & Share for B2B Purposes : A Starter’s Guide

More than once in a lifetime you come across powerful images that stay with you forever. It could be an embarrassing family photograph or one as profound as The ‘Migrant Mother’ captured in Depression-era America. Images evoke emotions and spark conversations and debates. They can define an era or – especially on social media – they can define a business.


Uses of an Annual Report #3

If your annual report is mostly used as a hefty yet smooth-surfaced mouse pad you may have to re-think your strategy.


Fact and Fiction: A ‘Novel’ Approach to Writing Annual Reports

How many novels have you read in your lifetime? Now compare that amount with the number of annual reports you have read… No comparison?


Blog it: Assessing the blog

Nowadays, not everyone is a writer, but almost everyone is a blogger or a microblogger. While estimates vary, the general consensus is that there are currently around 200,000,000 blogs in the world.


Uses of an Annual Report #2

If your annual report is mostly used as a makeshift cricket wicket you may have to re-think your strategy.


Does your CEO have what it takes to be a good blogger?

What if your CEO said: “Most CEOs seem to be blogging these days. Do you think I should too?” How should you respond? Ever wondered if your CEO would be a good blogger? While there may be a good business case for your CEO to blog – if they aren’t cut out to be a blogger their foray into the world of social media might be short lived. Assess your CEO’s blogging potential with this quick quiz.


Uses of an Annual Report #1

If your annual report is an unglorified gym prop you might have to re-think your strategy.


Social Media in 2017: Stand out from the Crowd

As we ride the waves of a new year, global social media usage stands at around 2.5 billion users; a staggering increase from just under a billion users only seven years ago. With this number set to increase (and increase it will), companies and individuals have long since understood the importance of successfully harnessing these tools for better stakeholder engagement. Here are our top takeaways.