Snakes and ladders: the content approval process

The gaping mouths of colourful snakes and the inviting steps of the ladders are a part of most people’s distant childhoods. But if you are a social media content developer for your company, we bet you play snakes and ladders almost every day. The crucial approval process is where your ideas could be approved, rejected or reformulated at any stage of the game.

If you thought that the snakes and ladders are placed randomly on a board – guess again. Each board is carefully structured to ensure the game is as exciting as possible. Similarly, we identified three crucial stages that must be followed to ensure your company’s social media experience is thrilling but safe. It’s time to roll the dice!

Smaller snakes, moderate ladders

At the brainstorming session when you put together your social media calendar, ideas seem to flow ceaselessly. But when discussions ensue, it becomes apparent that most ideas cannot be pursued. This is an exciting stage in the approval process because discussions allow you to mix and match ideas. If your team arrives at a consensus that certain topics are ready to be tackled, it is time to research and create.

Scary snakes, longer ladders
Once the creation process is complete and you feel relatively satisfied, the game could take a fortunate or disastrous turn. This is when you send your content to be reviewed by peers and senior colleagues. This is a crucial step in the development of social media content because certain ideas you feel have been satisfactorily conveyed would need to be developed further or tackled differently depending on the feedback you receive. It is certainly a challenging phase in the approval process but one that will ensure professional and creative growth. However, there is also the possibility that your content is well received and ascends a long and slippery ladder to the top.

Back at square one?
The date of publication is nearing but all blog content must be reviewed by one or more of your company’s key decision makers. The content should be in line with the mission of the company and should not pose a threat to the company in the short or long term. Social media is a double edged sword and one that should be used with caution so this stage could land you at the mouth of a long snake. You could be back at square one but don’t be dismayed because it’s a matter of rolling the dice again.

In all honesty, the social media content approval process is both daunting and exciting. Despite being gobbled by a few small and large snakes along the way, it is one that will bring your company many triumphs.

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