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The Annual Report Pickle – Episode Six

Mapping the Maze: The Basics of Branding

Whether it is in reality, fiction, film or a nightmare, we have all encountered mind boggling mazes. The only way to tame a maze is to be in possession of an accurate map.

The Annual Report Pickle

In Quest of Value: The Smart Story of Integrated Reporting

What is the actual value of a business entity? When you’ve been in the annual report business for over two decades this is a question you grapple with every day.

The Annual Report Pickle

Your Annual Report’s Readers

26.06.2017   Smart Team   Cartoon   No comments

How does your company’s annual report make stakeholders feel? Is it full of nasty surprises? Does it send readers to sleep? Is it all fluff and no substance? Or is it clear, concise and comprehensive?

Mismatched Mediums #8

Smart people make smart communication choices. Have you chosen the right medium for your annual report?

Mismatched Mediums #7

To help stakeholders see where your company is heading use the correct medium for your annual report.

Mismatched Mediums #5

To serve your stakeholders well, choose the medium of your annual report with care.