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Online annual reports take up the 10 year challenge and beyond…

We are in the midst of yet another social media storm – the 10 year challenge! While the challenge is being criticized as a vain exercise by some, it serves as inspiration for a discussion on the whirlwind developments in the world of online annual reports.

Learn Now! Exposing the Hidden Worth of a Business through Integrated Reporting

Invited to speak at the third annual MENA Roadshow (2018) in Dubai, Dr. Vijith Kannangara, Chairman of Smart Media The Annual Report Company, explained how integrated reporting revolutionises shareholder engagement. It was a rallying call to investor relations professionals in the MENA region.

The Annual Report Pickle

Sense and Sustainability: Corporate Responsibility

This is the third article in an introductory series that explores the importance of sustainability in the corporate world. The first and second articles can be accessed from the embedded links in the article.

The Annual Report Pickle

Matching Annual Report Content to Changing Investor Needs

A few decades back, a substantial portion of the value of a corporate was believed to be embodied in its book value resulting in a (share) price to book value or PBV multiple closer to one. But, things have changed since then.

Baking the Perfect E-Book: The Writing Process

An apron is tightly wound around your waist and the ingredients for the chocolate cake are lined up on the table. You might have imagined that the ingredients simply had to find their way into a massive bowl but there is a method to making a cake as much as there is to writing anything from an annual report to an e-book. The content has been gathered and the audience identified, now comes the most grueling experience, writing and editing.

Mismatched Mediums #3

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Is your Annual Report leaving stakeholders out in the cold? If so you will have to re-think the suitability of your medium.

The Fourth Dimension and the Annual Report

What is a tesseract? In mathematics, a tesseract is the four-dimensional analogue of a cube. A tesseract is to a cube, as a cube is to a square. Just as much as a cube consists of six square faces, the hyper-surface of a tesseract consists of eight cubical cells. It must be pointed out that our minds cannot think in four dimensions, so you are quite excused if your ability to visualise a tesseract didn’t really make the cut.

Mismatched Mediums #2

Shaving with a sword? It is like presenting an annual report in an unsuitable medium.