BeSpoke: The Smart Blog

Peek into the world of annual reports and venture beyond.

A tug of war: SEO and creativity in blogging

Creativity and an awareness of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) are equally important for the success of a blog, particularly a company blog.

A Ghostly Business: Working with a Ghostwriter

In the days of old, ghostwriters wore a cloak of invisibility, but in 1921 this writing practice was given a name. Christy Walsh the founder of the Christy Walsh Syndicate coined the term ‘ghostwriting’ as he discovered a wealth of stories among the lives of sports legends in the US. During this period, professional ghostwriters were assigned the arduous task of writing autobiographies of prominent personalities.

Edits: The Bane of Every Writer?

The muse strikes. You are inspired. You gamble your time (and time of course is money) on an idea. Then, oodles of blood, sweat and tears later… it is finally done. A masterpiece! Or is it?

Time to Talk: Writing an Interview Blog

We all love a good story, and better yet one that is true. Flipping through the pages of ‘Forbes’ or ‘Entrepreneur’, your sole aim could be to read the cover story, an interview with the business personality of the month. Even if you simply skim through the interview you will be motivated to start your day (it is almost as good as a mug of coffee).

Blog it: Assessing the blog

Nowadays, not everyone is a writer, but almost everyone is a blogger or a microblogger. While estimates vary, the general consensus is that there are currently around 200,000,000 blogs in the world.