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The Cactus and The Storyteller

It’s a prickly story indeed, but the world loves cacti as ardently as it loves corporate storytellers. Whether they are natural, artificial or a gold plated pendant found on a charm bracelet, cacti are intriguing. Similarly, corporate storytelling is the mantra by which all communicators in the business world live by, and it is admired and executed in a variety of forms.

The Social Media Creativity Factory

Once upon a time, fairy tales were read unquestioningly. The palaces, princesses and evil queens seemed to fit the same mould. The experience is similar to reading the gamut of content in today’s world of social media. Similar topics are approached in more or less the same light. Only a handful of writers and content marketers break the mould and think beyond the happily ever after.

Creating ‘classics’: Video Ideas for B2B Companies

Remember the last time you thought life was too short to read the endless list of books on your wish list? Now imagine you were told that it would take you 5 million years to watch all the video content that will cross global IP networks each month in 2020? That’s certainly a stupendous amount but just as all books are not classics, the same applies to videos.

The Seven Blind Men and the Annual Report

The story of the seven blind men goes like this. Once upon a time, a group of visually-impaired gentlemen realised, after much consternation, that they had no inkling of what an elephant looked like. After much debating, they agreed to individually set off, find an elephant, feel it by touch, and to come back and (annual) report on their results.