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Once upon a time, fairy tales were read unquestioningly. The palaces, princesses and evil queens seemed to fit the same mould. The experience is similar to reading the gamut of content in today’s world of social media. Similar topics are approached in more or less the same light. Only a handful of writers and content marketers break the mould and think beyond the happily ever after.

If you are disillusioned by the multitude of similar online content and are ready to re-think your content marketing strategy, here are a few insights and suggestions.

Be Realistic!
When seeking answers to the origins of life, the ancient Greek philosophers were influenced by the hypotheses of their predecessors. Rather than repeating what was said, they thought anew about former findings. In the creation of online content, we too must be realistic. Often what you hope to reveal would have been said before, but it is important to use what has been said to think originally and create uniquely.

Explore Romanticism
Creative thinking existed from the time of cavemen but it was the Romantics who explored it through their work. Romanticism was primarily an artistic movement that emerged towards the end of the 18th Century. It focused on individual expression and provided an alternative to rational thinking which was propagated during the age of Enlightenment. Artistic creations during the Romantic period display a deep engagement with nature and surroundings. In a compelling article titled ‘Creativity Creep’, Joshua Rothman distinguishes between creativity as it was defined by the Romantics and as it is perceived at present. While the Romantics gave creativity an experiential value, in modern days we concentrate on production.

So what does it mean to think experientially? It simply means to be inspired by the beauty that surrounds you. A long walk in the city or a journey by train will spark many thoughts. It’s important to dwell on an enlightening experience and contemplate creative ways of incorporating them into your article.

Answer the Unanswered
Carrying out a social media campaign could be a Herculean task. There will be areas that baffle you and are unanswered even by the experts. This is because social media trends change over night. Curiosity and creativity should come into play as you conduct extensive research on the problematic area and publish your findings along with creative solutions.

Hunt for Stories

How creative are you if you reuse a popular story or fable to illustrate the key message/s of your post? Connections between a popular story and the key messages of an article can help the reader remember the points you are trying to make long after they have moved on. So, read extensively and recycle stories intelligently. You might also find that you are able to create your own stories the more you read.

In an age when creativity is supposed to be a mass scale production, we find that it is increasingly depressing for writers and readers to encounter similar content online. Flick the wand and experiment with these traditional and novel approaches and you will find that your articles metamorphose into a glistening carriage of authentic information.

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