Watch Now! Mainstreaming Integrated Reporting in the Middle East

Integrated Reporting is changing the trajectory of corporate reporting across the world. From South Africa to Japan and across Europe, Integrated Reporting has been adopted by a multiplicity of corporates.

Those who have incorporated this principles-based framework not only confirm that their stakeholders are better informed about the Company but also acknowledge that the performance of the company’s share is enhanced. It also has shown to successfully shift the focus of stakeholders to long-term value creation.

The Middle East has always favoured long-term thinking, making the region well-prepared for ‘Mainstreaming Integrated Reporting’. As many large corporates in the region take on Integrated Reporting, industry specialists from the Middle East Investor Relations Association (MEIRA), the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) and Smart Media The Annual Report Company invite you to be a part of a timely discussion.

Richard Howitt (CEO, IIRC),
Alex MacDonald-Vitale (Chairman, MEIRA),and
Vijith Kannangara (Chairman, Smart Media The Annual Report Company)

Panelists address questions such as,
– What is Integrated Reporting?
– Why is Integrated Reporting relevant for the Middle East?
– How would Integrated Reporting enhance Investor Relations in the Middle East?
– How would a company know that it is ready for Integrated Reporting?

Watch now!

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